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Queue for Cash - Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar's Journal
December 17th, 2016
08:15 pm


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Queue for Cash
Half of today was spent on the process of getting some money from my bank account. I had withdrawn some amount a month back, soon after the demonetization, but that time I had thought that the "demonetization effect" and long queues for cash would come down by the time I run out of cash again. I never thought that even after one month, the situation would continue to remain the same, and I would have to waste my time once again on the queue.

While so many people are patiently waiting in queues for the limited withdrawal amount allowed for them, in the newspaper we daily see updates about crores worth of new currency being caught from various places as part of "raids". What is not caught, could obviously be much higher than that, indicating that the "rich and powerful" are not at all impacted and they continue to get support from the corruption infrastructure. I sincerely hope that the officials who are part of these rackets are caught, and they should not just be suspended - They should be dismissed, debarred from any form of employment for a few years, prosecuted through a fast-track court and put in jail immediately. In the absence of determined, swift and stern actions on corrupt officials and politicians, the entire demonetization exercise would just look like a punishment imposed on the common people.

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