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April 9th, 2001 - Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar's Journal

April 9th, 2001

April 9th, 2001
02:14 pm


This is my first entry in Live Journal, and is just a test entry. I plan to add things later.

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04:34 pm


I thought this weekend I will go to office and read something on router configuration. But that didnt happen. Saturday morning I went to Nilgiris for breakfast, after a long time, 20 months+. I had Idli Vada there, my favourite. Nilgiris hadnt changed that much, except for the chair cushions which they have changed from yellow coloured ones to pink-reddish ones. The hotel workers are the same. Taste of the Vada, fried deep to brown also hasnt changed. Sitting there, It brought lot of memories to me. (like when the central character in "Remebrance of Things Past" put a bread dipped in coffee into his mouth, the past came streaming into his mind). I remebered of my 30 months in WiproGE.

I had some work in HDFC bank. I had to verify whether I can use my times card in the bank's ATM counter. I had to wait for a long time just to enquire this, as the bank manager was very busy. Lots of sofware engineers with threaded ID badges were roaming here and there.

I went to Sapna bookstall for my weekly visit. I wanted to buy the novel "Soul Mountain" and the collected stories of JibanandaDas, but both were not available there. The shopperson gave a printed reply, it will come by one week. He need not hear the name of the book to tell that reply. Any thing under the sun will be available within one week.

There were no watchable movies around, so I came back to MG Road, and wandered here and there,finally entered Higginbothom's bookstall. I was surprised to see "Paico Classics" titles in the book shelf. I really used enjoy reading them when I was in school. I bought 12 titles which I didnt had. (But they are in English). I bought a Feluda story also- "Mistery of the Elephant God". I have read it's Malayalam translation some time back.

I came back home, and saw the movie "Atharvam" in TV. It has very good songs. Altogether a watchable (once) movie. In the evening my roommate Hansaraj gave a party at "Coconut Groves". I took strange combinations of food that I wondered what will happen to my stomach. I slept late, my friend Rajith told a story, how he nearly missed the chance to become the president of WWF TamilNadu chapter.

Sunday I wanted to meet Nadi, but I was too lazy to go out. I spent time in Home only, reading books and watching TV.The serial "Jagapoga" in Kairali channel was good. Very humorous. So were the stories & talks in Manorama paper regarding Karunakaran's resignation from permanent committee of congress party. He even accused Antony as "Janadrohi", and told that he wont support bringing down Nayanar just to install a CM who is worse. Very interesting. Yesudasan's cartoon was also good, in which all LDF leaders were worshipping "Sakhavu KK".

I read one Tagore story (three more are remaining in the book) and two "Paico classics" books. Slept very early. Today, I am back to office..Registered to this live journal, and added this junk as the first entry. Jagadeesh had made a call. He is back to BLore. I have to contact Saidu now. I got a reply from Suraj regarding GECT96CS batch contact details.I forwarded that to Sunoj and Siju for corrections.I took my photo for IDBadge in Cisco, thats all for the time being.

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