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May 6th, 2001 - Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar's Journal

May 6th, 2001

May 6th, 2001
11:13 am


Yesterday I went to meet the real estate broker Javed Khan as part of my hiuse hunt. He was not there in his office.. I went to many bookshops. Bought "Soul Mountain" from Higginbothoms.
Sherlock Homes
Went to Gangarams and bought Sherlock Holmes complete stories. There are n number of versions of the book. There is a paper back edition in 2 volumes that costs aroung Rs.300/- but with no illustrations. A cheap Indian edition from Jaico is available for the same with Rs.200/-. There is a hard bound one in 3 volumes with original pictures from Strand magazine which costs around Rs.700, but the fonts are very small. Jaico has published a quality edition with separate volumes for short stories and all, but all stories are not available. I saw another hardbound book with all stories in one book. It is very expensive but quality is good. Wordsworh classics has published as 3 volumes with original Strand images, with Rs.75 each, but the fonts are small and the third volume is not available... I was searching for a good version for long time and finally found one yesterday. It is paperback, Rs.360/-, has all stories with original images from Strand, fonts are bigger. So I bought it.... Earlier I have read the Malayalam translation "Shelock Holmes- Sampoornakrithikal" from DC books but always wanted to read the original works....

I searched for "The tale of Genji", but it was not available. "Tale of Murasaki" (Murasaki is the author of "...Genji") is available. I also need to buy some good books on Goa.

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