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June 11th, 2001 - Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar's Journal

June 11th, 2001

June 11th, 2001
06:31 pm


I had a good weekend. I saw many movies in Television. But I cant recollect now which story belongs to which movie...all are mixed up. So that implies the quality of the movies. Some of the movies are "SuryaPutran", "Swapnalokathe Balabhaskaran" , "Vishnu" , "Ulladakkam" , "Jane Bhi Do Yaron" , "Amaram" , "SanthanaGopalam" etc.
On saturday I went to JayaNagar. I visited the Motilal Banarsidas bookshop there. They publish very good books on Indology. But the books are expensive, and paper/binding quality is poor. I bought "Soundarya Lahari", A collection of 60 Upanishads and a book on ancient rulers of South India. This book itself is an old one (1974 edition). It talks about the Satakarni / Ganga dynasties. I didnt start reading, but just browsed through. Didnt see any mention about Chozha kings, not even Raja Raja the great.
I contacted Nagasri and asked to bring me Tale of Genji. I couldnt find it anywhere else. May be I will have to try amazon.
I think I have to start cooking as soon as possible. It is not that the food is bad, but somehow taking everyday from hotel is tiring. "Hotel Kailas Parvath" , a new hotel that started recently is a good one. But they are also employing children for cleaning.
Heard the songs from "SwathiThirunal" from a website. How can I describe the beauty of those songs!

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