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June 21st, 2001 - Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar's Journal

June 21st, 2001

June 21st, 2001
05:28 pm


Four Peaceful Days

I had a nice vacation of four days at home. I started on friday evening by Kallada travels, from Kalasipalayam. While boarding the bus, one guy with beard came and asked me: Are u Ratheesh? Do u remember me? It was Jayan from the "Warriath". I was seeing him after many years.

I reached home late, at 9 on saturday, as the bus was held at Valayar check post for more than one hour. Our house construction is still on. I could see two kittens playing around in our front room. There is a bed of sacks arranged for them, and they are playing all around with the plastic wires, card board boxes etc. They treat our leg, hand all as separate living beings and so attack our legs if we move. My parents and sister are having a good time with the kittens and their mother.

I had my breakfast with hot Dosas and Ulli Theyal. Then it started raining. Chatting with my parents, watching the rain is always great. In the afternoon I watched Apu trilogy cassettes which I had bought. I was deeply moved, what else can I say. (May be I will write about it in some length later).

On Sunday when the rain stopped for a while, I had a trip to my uncles houses. I could see on the way the greenery and all that, with sunrays reflecting on leaves and water drops, making it a wonderful world. I could see the tiny yellow Ackikaruka flowers in the wayside which I used
to pick and eat while going to school with my father. At that moment I thought why am I struggling in far away places, why cant I stay at home and enjoy all these.. But then, this thought is there in my mind from the day I left Irinjalakuda four years back, and it still remains a thought.

In the evening mother prepared Pathrodo for me, my favorite food. The kittens started to climb my legs as if it was a tree. They are even sleeping in my CharuKasera. Thinking that next time I come, they will be grown up and will be mature enough to realize what is a leg and what is a face, I felt sad. May be they wont be naughty then, as they are now.

I watched a movie "Pranaya Nilavu" in DurDarshan. Horrible indeed. Even Nedumudi Venu was intolerable. I dont know what is the point in making such kind of movies. It was directed by a person called Vinayan.

Monday, I had a visit to Koodalmanikyam temple. There were only very few people in the vast temple, as always. The temple ground has become green again, with fresh grass after Ulsavam. I missed Ulsavam this time.

In the evening Vinoop came home. I was seeing him after 2 years. He has become very tall, more than  6 feet, definitely. He is studying in Malyankara for BCom.

All these days, can I say I was happy? No, in the back of my mind I always had the thought that tuesday will come very fast and I have to go back. So came tuesday. I spent the day at home only. In the afternoon I watched "Pather Panchali" again, with my father. The second time we watch the movie, we know that little Durga is going to die, and that makes her smile with those two missed teeth more touching. Then there is the scene in which she counts the pebbles in her toy box.

In the evening I started my journey back, again by Kallada travels. When the bus reached Thrissur, the guy in my back seat called me, and asked: I have seen u some where.Do u remember me?  Yes. I did. We had met at Warrier Mash's class, 11 years back. His name is Rajesh and he is currently working in a computer company called Sasken in Bangalore.

I reached Bangalore yesterday morning. Cable connection has some problem at home. Good. So I could start reading the book "The Mandala of Sherlock Holmes" by Jamyang Norbu. The first chapter is very interesting.

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