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June 26th, 2001 - Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar's Journal

June 26th, 2001

June 26th, 2001
05:36 pm


Evening walks and Food Vendors

Yesterday I went for a walk, and walked almost 5Km, as I badly felt I needed to do some exercise. I was walking this much after a long time. I covered the full double road, and went up to Lalbagh gate. Walking is always a good experience. I was always a fan of "walking". During studies at Christ college and GECT, I used to walk around 6km per day and always enjoyed it.

Coming back from Lalbagh, I happened to go to a Siva temple, hearing the sound of temple bells. It is wonderful to experience how a small area of land, few trees, an idol, bells, sandal paste , flowers and a lamp together create a spiritual atmosphere, whether it be in a remotest village, in a hilly area or amidst traffic, smoke and dust in the city of Bangalore.

There is a lady selling Capsicum Bajjis during evenings, near my house. The aroma is really tempting, but I haven't tried it yet, fearing it would be unhygienic. There is one more person, who sells corns boiled with a pinch of salt, with his Cycle Vandi. He also starts in the evening. That makes me remember the Kappa Puzhukku vendors near the Prabhat theatre at Irinjalakuda. They used to open their mobile stalls after 8:30, normally and prepared three main items, as I understood watching them. The Kappa (tapioca) puzhukku itself comes in two types. one with chilly powder added, looking orange colored and other without it, looking white. They also sold plane boiled Kappa with a chutney made of hand - grinded onion, Green & white chillies, salt and coconut oil. They made good sale in between the intervals of first & second shows in the cinema theatre. Myself being a regular visitor of the theatre, had observed people enjoying the various items served hot in Vattayilas.Ok, this was more than 10 years ago, and I never tasted the Kappa items from these shops. I dont think they are still there near the theatre nowadays.

So that much about food items. In home, I could read only half of the book "Mandala...", even though it is very interesting. Cable TV operators had disconnected the line to my house as I didnt pay the fee for last month (I had gone home when they came for collecting it). I thought I will go to their office after two three weeks, after reading fews books. (TV doesnt allow people to do any useful work at home...). But on friday evening I found myself going to the cable office and requesting them to restart the service. So my weekend was almost spoiled, in front of the TV, even though I saw a good Malayalam movie "Uttaram" (based on an investigative screenplay by MT Vasudevan Nair, directed by Pavtithran) and another watchable one , "Nettippattam" with Srinivasan in a typecasted role.

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