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July 2nd, 2001 - Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar's Journal

July 2nd, 2001

July 2nd, 2001
07:08 pm


Yesterday I watched the Malayalam movie "Thooval Sparsham" in Television, directed by Kamal. I had seen it around 10 years back, (when it was released). That time I dont think I liked it that much. But yesterday I enjoyed watching it. What made the change?

Work in office is going fine. One new guy has joined, who is from GECT, CS, 2001 batch. He is Gopakumar, from Poonkunnam. Talking to him, I remembered the days in GECT. I felt as if it happended yesterday.

I experemented with purchases through web, for the first time. I got Tintin Collection, 15 comics from fabmart, and oredered a book on Goa and a book called "The Holy Vedas". Through Amazon I have ordered "The Tale of Genji".

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