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July 23rd, 2001 - Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar's Journal

July 23rd, 2001

July 23rd, 2001
02:52 pm


This weekend I spent by reading the book "The Call of the Wild" by Jack London. Buck is a pet dog, but is stolen and sold to gold hunters in North America. He leads a tough life there, but finally gets a good loving master. But he is always attracted by the howls of wolfs from forest. The red Indians once attack their team, his master is killed, and Buck enters the forest. He finds his place, finally. It was a touching story.

I had converted the Apu trilogy video tapes to video CDs by spending some handsome amount. Now I see that the CDs are being released in the market. In the weekend I saw the movies again, this time along with Nadi. Nadi was watching a movie after many years. He has never even entered the Open Air Theatre in IIT. Anyway, he liked these movies.

Yesterday in television I watched "Mazhavil Kavadi" and "Ponmuttayidunna Tharavu" from Sathyan Anthikkadu/Reghunath Paleri team. I had seen these movies in Mapranam Varna and Irinjalakuda Prabhath theatres respectively, more than ten years back. I enjoyed watching them again. I wonder whether there is anybody in Malayalam cinema who has used a Chayakkada more effectively than Sathyan Anthikkad. I remember how I was excited to see the outburst of Srinivasan and Jagathi in the "Thattan Thatteee..." scene, when I saw it for the first time.

Veteran Tamil actor Shivaji Ganeshan died on Saturday. I have seen only very few of his movies. Still I know his power to convey great emotions with eye and minute movements of eyebrows. I admired his acting in "Thevar Makan" and "Oru Yathramozhi".

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