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August 15th, 2001 - Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar's Journal

August 15th, 2001

August 15th, 2001
11:31 am


SK Pottekkatinte Kathakal

I completed reading the book SK Pottekkatinte Kathakal, a collection of 36 short stories of SK Pottekkat, published by DC Books. It is always nice to read the stories of Basheer, Karoor, Uroob and SK Pottekkat. In this collection, all the stories are enjoyable for a first time read, but I must say that many of them dont tempt us to read for a second time, like Basheer's or Karoor's stories. Except for a few stories, the situations look very artificial and don't look like written by the person who wrote Or Deshathinte Katha. But there are few very touching stories also.

In the story Kochu Grihastha, the writer, roaming around in rain, meets a girl near a canal, wondering how to cross it in rain. The writer helps her, and he had to stay at her house as the rain strengthened. The girl is the "Grihastha" of the house, her father ill and there are two younger brothers. She is doing some work and getting few Annas a day by which they are surviving.

There stories Vidhi, Kottu Bakki, Kalocchha also were good.

Kairali Channel

The Kairali Malayalam channel is showing many nice programs nowadays. The game show "Ashwametham" is really nice. The anchor, Pradeep is like human incarnation of google.com. The player has to think of a person and write it down on a paper first. Pradeep will ask 21 questions and try to find out who the person is. It is amazing to see how he finds out the person most of the times, be it politician, artist, writer, sports person, scientist or whoever it may be. He is really a human encyclopedia. The film song program "Dial and song" is very much watchable because of the anchor Surya Balakrishnan, who is really very smart. There is the comedy show "Jagapoga" which also is watchable.

Btb., yesterday in Kairali news there was some fun. The reader, read "Khuran poleyulla vilakkappetta rekhakal" instead of "vilappetta".

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