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August 16th, 2001 - Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar's Journal

August 16th, 2001

August 16th, 2001
12:43 pm


Yesterday was Indian Independence day, a holiday. Still I came to office, checked mails (that has become something like part of life now... How I wish I could go back to five years back when I never bothered about emails, used to write letters in inland letter card with ink pen and write "live journal" in a notebook.)

I went home at noon, cooked rice and sambar and had a nice lunch. (I had bought MTR sambar powder on monday and tried couple of times preparing sambar almost successfully). In the afternoon I watched the movie "Karunyam" directed by lohithadas. Despite few flows and clichés, it is an excellent attempt to make a good movie. The death of Murali's wife and the following scenes will be among the most touching scenes I have seen in Malayalam cinema and Lohithadas's talents as a director is very much visible in this scenes. Murali is excellent as the school master, but Jayaram is disappointing at times. Altogether, a good movie.

In the evening I went to Brigade road and met Jagadeesh. I collected the convocation photographs. But unfortunately the photograph with Azim Premji hasn't come. We sat in Ullas restaurant and chatted for some time and then Balaji also came. I was tired and came back home.

There was another incident. When I reached home I saw my house owner is making some fire in the road. I wondered what is going on. While climbing the stairs I saw that they were killing some birds, over the water tank. Till late night the smell of burning flesh was coming to my room and I slept without dinner.

Somehow I could never grasp the idea how people can think of killing and eating animals. If anybody has seen the innocence in the large dark eyes of a cow, a goat or any other animal for that matter, how can they think of eating them?

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