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September 4th, 2001 - Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar's Journal

September 4th, 2001

September 4th, 2001
05:07 pm


My Vacation

I came back from home today morning. Had a great time at home. After being at home for few days, it is always very sad to come back and start working again..

I reached Irinjalakuda early morning on Saturday, 1st September. The climate was very pleasant there. Our house construction is almost over. Now the front hall and all look neat. There were lot of visitors on Saturday and Sunday. Sreeja, Sindhu, Vishakh, Nirmala Mousi, Nithya and Nandu came on Saturday.

I went to visit Nanma Chechi and Prabhakaran Chettan in the morning itself. I was seeing them after around 5 years. This is because, they went to Dubai in 1996 end, and after that whenever they come for their yearly visit, I was unable to go because of some or the other reason. Ananthu still could recognize me. He has reached to 5th standard now and knows Hindi and Arabic. He was in our home for almost the whole day and we had a simple lunch in Vazhayila in our new hall. Anathu was searching for the toy car he had placed in our show case five years back!. He still remembers them! Then he told many "ghost" stories and Vishakh was very much frightened.

Nandu started inspecting every rooms the time he stepped in. He had seen a notebook that my mother had given to Nithya some time back and he wanted a similar one. But there wasn't any.

In the evening I just browsed through all my stamp collections and albums... That made me think of the days when I used to eagerly wait for Prabhakaran Chettan to come as he used to give lot of stamps to me.. That was more than ten years back.

I had a haircut on Sunday morning. I went to Ayi's home, but on the way I saw her coming with Vishakh and so I came back with them. They left in the evening. I wanted to see a comedy movie "Mazha Peyyunnu Maddalam Kottunnu", but the cassette was unavailable. So I watched "Aram + Aram Kinnaram" and "Akkare Ninnoru Maran".

Then I read many of the pending Malayalam and Mathrubhoomi weeklies. I wont like to miss any of the "Sahithya Vaaraphalam"s written by Sri M Krishnan Nair. I really admire him.

My father's new novel for children, "Lottery Kittu" has started coming in Deshabhimani Weekly. Three chapters have come. I read them.

On Monday morning I went to Koodalmanikyam temple and then went to Current Books to buy few books for Rajith. When I came back, Nanma Chechi was about to leave. They left at 11:30. Nanma Chechi's parents had come and I went to see them. I was touched to see the person who, five years back stood stern and gave me advices about the city life and tips about Bangalore. Just within five years, the old age has caught him. He couldn't hear properly and a relative sitting nearby, asked me to speak loudly. While standing up he was trembling little bit. I came back thinking of how fast the wheel of time moves and I can feel its pace now.

So the three days were over so fast. Yesterday evening I came back by Kallada bus. In the bus I had a surprise. I met Pramod KrishnaVarma, who was my classmate for around 11 years. I had never met him after 1992, when I finished Pre degree. He got married and is working in Processor Systems now. It was really nice to see and talk to him after such a long time. We talked about many of our classmates in school and college.

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