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September 17th, 2001 - Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar's Journal

September 17th, 2001

September 17th, 2001
06:12 pm


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Today morning I watched an interview with actor Ravi Vallathol in Asianet. He talked about his father TN and mother. It was a really touching talk.

Yesterday I spent at home and watched two movies in television. In the morning I watched Shaji N Karun's <i>Vaanaprastham</i>. Very disappointing. When Shaji came with his first film <i>Piravi</i> It looked like Malayalam has got a director of Ray's standards finally. It was a kind of classic movie and would be always there among the best 10 Malayalam movies. When I went to see his second movie <i>Swam</i>, I was disappointed. I didn't like the extended melodrama in it. Vaanaprastham is even worse. There are broken pieces of images, but they don't form a bigger image that is as moving as <i>Piravi</i> or Atoor's <i>Kathapurushan</i> or TV Chandran's <i>Ponthan Mada</i>. But is was a nice experience to watch the great actor Mohanlal trying to transform into the Kathakali actor Kunjikkuttan and also to see the effective use of <i>Chenda</i> and <i>Kathakalippadam</i>s at many places by Zakir Hussain.

In the evening I watched "English Medium" directed by a person called Pradeep (may be his first film.?? Never heard of him before). An interesting movie with Srinivasan's script. There is a bit of exaggeration everywhere, like in Nedumudi's villainny in asking to the doctor whether "<i>Maash chathu poovo?</i>". Still it was a neat film with a freshness in it. Mukesh, Srinivasan, Thilakan, Nedumudi, KPAC Lalitha, Praveena, Kochin Haneefa, Mamukkoya all were there and there was the typical atmosphere of a Srinivasan film. (I think Oduvil was missing). It is sad that Praveena stopped acting. She is beautiful (With the word "Malayali" written on her face), and also has good acting skills.

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