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September 24th, 2001 - Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar's Journal

September 24th, 2001

September 24th, 2001
05:35 pm


Wasted many hours in front of Television, ate and slept. So one more weekend is over. Started reading VKN's Payyan Kathakal. On Saturday I went to Golden Enclave and closed my corporation bank account. I was not doing anything with that account for the last two years, but was too lazy to go there and close it. Besides, I had some emotional attachment towards the account as it was through it that I got my first salary. Anyway, made it on Saturday to close it.

Also went to Shiva temple in Murukesh Palaya and bought a Nataraja statue from there.

Nowadays it is raining in nights.. Yesterday I found out that one cupboard in my house has started becoming wet. Immediately I shifted books kept in that to some other place. There are water traces near the electric switch boards as well. This has been there for the last many weeks I guess. Yesterday when Lakshmi, the maid came for washing clothes, she asked whether I wont get electric shock from it. Actually then only that idea came into my mind. So from today onwards I started using folded books or plastic plates to hit on the switches...!

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