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October 30th, 2001 - Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar's Journal

October 30th, 2001

October 30th, 2001
06:47 pm


I am back..
(to the dull dusty life of Bangalore)

Yesterday evening, it was dark when I was about to leave from home. Nowadays it becomes dark very early in Kerala. We waited for an autorikshaw for long time, to go to the Kallada bus office. But we couldn't get one, so we (myself and father) walked slowly to the main road. My mother and sister were watching us from the gate. From somewhere, the cats also came and joined them. I really felt very sad to leave, after a comparatively lengthy (5 days) vacation. The five days went just like a blink of an eye. But then, life itself is just a projection of a day onto a wider screen.

It is always sad to leave from home after a vacation. I don't think I will get the peace of mind that I get from home from anywhere else. On those lazy Sunday mornings, when I wake up at 7, I can see the golden sun rays coming through the branches of small trees in our neighboring house. It will make the wet leaves and dew drops shine in the month of December. After a bath in hot water, my mother would give me hot Dosas and Ulli Chammanthi. Watching a television serial or a Malayalam movie on poor old Dooradarshan, sitting on the Charukasera, hearing the songs of birds, chatting with my parents and sister, enjoying the lovely breeze that comes through the windows, playing with the cats, reading a book or magazine... life goes like a poetry there. For somebody else, these things wont make much sense, but for me the pleasure and joy that I derive from these trivial activities is something of immense value.

This time, Navarathri celebrations were going on in the Konkani Samajam. On thursday the Pooja was held at Vinod Mamu's house. I went there in the evening. Indandiya was there. He talked randomly, as always, in a language mixed with Kannada, Samskritham and Konkani, and I could hardly understand anything. I heard him talk about Sathyaki's fight with Bhoorisrava. On friday there were some children's competitions going, but I came back after some time, and watched a movie "Pappan priyappetta Pappan".

We went to many temples on saturday. Started early morning and went to Oorakam Bhagavathi temple first. Then we went to the Shiva temple opposite to that. Took an auto and went to Thiruvullakkavu Ayyappa temple. Then we walked around a mile to Peruvanam Shiva temple. This temple is really grand. It is very big and there are many majestic peepal trees in the temple ground. The temple was almost empty. The main temple inside is on a very tall platform and we have to climb many stairs to reach there. The wood carvings also look very old and beautiful. I haven't seen any such temple in Kerala. I was going to these temples for the first time, even though they were only around 15 Km away from my home. We went to Thrissur Vadakkunnatha temple, we were there just in time for the Pooja. After that we had Masala Dosa from Pathans Hotel, went to National Book Stall and bought three Bengali books - Charithraheen, Dhathri Devata and Jana Aranya.

Sunday and Monday I spent mainly at home. The cats have grown up, but are still moving together. I played with them for some time. Yesterday there was a marriage at a nearby home. The marriage was held at Unnayi Warrier Kalanilayam and lunch at Temple Oottupura. I went and had a grand lunch with 16 curries and 2 Payasams. It was simply excellent.

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