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November 6th, 2001 - Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar's Journal

November 6th, 2001

November 6th, 2001
06:10 pm


On Saturday I visited all the bookshops in MGRoad (which I do once in two weeks...) as I was expecting Ponniyin Selvan volume 5 to be released. But I was disappointed. But I got 9 Asterix comics from one small shop that I discovered near the Indian Coffee House. These titles are unavailable in Higginbothoms or Gangarams. So my Asterix collection requires only two more to complete.

I am reading "Chaarithraheen" by Sharatchandra Chatterjee. It is a good story, but the translation by VB Kartha is not very flowing. Ravi Verma is a translator that I like very much. We can read his translations like any other Malayalam novels.

I watched two movies recently. Padmarajan's "Season" is excellent. (This is the second time I am seeing it..) Most of the critics have marked it as Padmarajan's worst movie, but I felt it is one in which his capabilities as a director of wide range of films is seen. It is a gripping movie with superb performance by Mohanlal and all others. Even small roles like that of Raju, Asokan and one more person (I don't know his name) is done to perfection. I normally don't see the Suresh Gopi-Shaji Kailas movies. But watched some one hour of "Rudraksham" on Monday. It was not as bad as I thought, but I slept after one hour. Suresh Gopi has great talents to emote, but the problem is that he still requires lot of directorial support for giving a credible performance. Unlike other major mainline actors like Mohanlal, Mukesh (or even Jayaram), he still doesn't seem to have developed a capability to drive his own acting. Its a pleasure to watch Mohanlal's acting in even a junk movie like "Aaram Thampuran". But I could appreciate Suresh Gopi's acting skills only in few movies like "Kaliyaattam","Innale","Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha" and "Thooval Sparsham".

I joined for driving classes. Four classes are completed till now. I have heard and read many times about the difficulty in driving through the "Indian Roads". Now I feel what it is. It is an utter mess, and even in a so called metropolitan city like Bangalore (where most of the high-class Stupid Indian Software Engineers live), hardly anyone follow the traffic rules. All contribute to this chaos (including pedestrians like me). Anybody can cross the road at any time and we can expect something unexpected any time. It is amazing that the number of accidents is so less even in such an environment. Probably it all has to do with skill and experience and I am just seeing from a fresher's point of view.

I lost my wrist watch last week. I think I had kept it in my cubicle in office, but in the evening found out that it is gone. I had bought it two years back.

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