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November 26th, 2001 - Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar's Journal

November 26th, 2001

November 26th, 2001
04:01 pm


Things are getting boring here. Commutation is the main difficulty. On friday, I went with Sunil to Nashua, NH and took a rental car. I practiced for around one hour there but found it very difficult to adjust with the high speed in the highways. I feel with my level of driving experience, it is not good to start driving in the freeways where the speed will generally go up to 110-120 kms or so. I may have to join for some driving classes here to get used to the rules also. Another option is to shift my stay to Nashua so that I can "piggyback" on Sunil for travel. (It is a dull option, though...). Something needs to be worked out this week.

Without car it is difficult to live in this place. Even for disposing garbage, I have to walk around half a mile. I have absolutely no problem in walking, but the problem is that walking is regarded as something bad here and people start looking at you suspiciously. A strange country indeed. Public transportation facilities are almost nil it looks like.. (may be it is not required).

Since I can't go out, I had to simply sit inside the apartment for the last four days. I had bought rice and different types of Dal last week. So I cooked that and ate with some pickles. It is going to be "aaarrrghh" soon if this continues. I really want to eat vegetables, but I will have to take a taxi to go to shop. Besides, vegetables will generate more garbage, and I will have to walk to dump it.

I could watch few movies in the television. The "American Movie Classics" channel is a good one and many good movies are coming in that. "Barbarosa", "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" are some of the good movies I watched. I also started reading the novel "Dhathree Devata" by Tharashankar Bandopadhyaya (Malayalam translation by Ravi Varma). I had taken only three books with me from India. The other two are "Pather Panchali" and "Aparajito" which are very close to my heart and I always carry with me. But these are the English translations that I had bought recently.

Suraj has reached US after his three week vacation in India. He had called me and told that he will come here sometime. He is in NJ and it is some five hours drive from here. I made calls to Vempati, Chenna and Suresh who are in GA. I felt good talking to all these people.

Meanwhile, I received an E-mail from my father. It was really a surprise. I had created an account for my father and told the procedure for mailing, but never expected that they will mail. I guess somebody might have helped them in sending email (definitely, since some sentences in the email are surely written by somebody else, but I couldn't guess who it is).

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