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November 30th, 2001 - Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar's Journal

November 30th, 2001

November 30th, 2001
07:58 pm


Stopping by the woods
Today I didn't go to office and dialed from home itself. In the afternoon I watched Hitchcock's masterpiece movie "Psycho" in television. It is really a great movie. The director and the music director keeps us on the edge of the seat always. The character of Norman Bates is unforgettable. This is the first time I am watching this movie, but I have seen the scene by-scene 1998 remake directed by Gus Van Sant.

Food has become a big problem now. It is really difficult without an occasional Masala Dosa, Idli Vada and Puttu Kadala. I am still surviving with Rice-Dal and pickles. I have requested for changing my apartment but still nothing has been worked out.

Today full time it was very foggy outside. It looked beautiful. I felt like putting on the jacket and going out into the trees. Yesterday while going to office by taxi, I wanted to stop somewhere and just stand outside sometime watching the trees on both sides in the fog. But we are not allowed to do so, even if there is no traffic in the road and there is plenty of parking place on both sides. Whereas in India we are free to do what we want. I am not making any kind of comparisons here. Just wrote some thoughts coming into mind now.

That makes me remember one thing. Sometime back (in July 1998) I, with my parents had a trip to Belur, Halebidu and Sravanabelegola in Karnataka. It was a beautiful trip and I enjoyed it a lot. Once we are away from the city of Bangalore by few Kms., the surroundings change dramatically. There is no polluted air or heavy traffic or noise. The highway to Hassan (it is very well maintained) just goes on, without much twists and turns, and there wont be many vehicles on the road. On both sides of the road, we can see the green or yellow fields of rice, corn or sugar cane. It goes on and on. We cant see many houses or people in the road-side or nearby. Few huts will be there in the middle of the farms from which we could see smoke coming out through the chimney. I remember at one place I saw cabbage plantations (I was seeing cabbage plants for the first time in life). I really felt to stop somewhere, breath fresh air and just stand there for sometime. But we were traveling by the KSRTC bus that day.

In the late 80's, a novel called "Bhujagayyante Dashavatharangal" used to come in Mathrubhoomi weekly, translated from Sreekrishna Alanahalli's Kannada novel. I waited for the weekly to come on wednesdays to read the episodes of the novel. Alanahalli's description of Karnataka village life is matchless. Later I read his another novel "Pavathan". I believe he is a great writer of Kannada. I just gave a search in Google to get his biography, but ouldn't get much information.

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