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December 8th, 2001 - Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar's Journal

December 8th, 2001

December 8th, 2001
01:15 pm


Yesterday I went to Chelmsford Public Library with Sunil. It is a small but beautiful building and all books are neatly arranged in racks. The books are bound with transparent plastic sheets. There are video tapes of movies and books converted into CDs etc. But, the number of books is very small. I searched for some books randomly, and couldn't find any of them there.

The climate here is still in 8-15 degrees during daytime. It seems it is high for the time of the year and normally it snows these times.

Rajith is back to Eindhoven and he had called me today morning. Nadi also had sent few mails. He went to my house in the weekend, as I had asked him to do. It seems he saw cigarette ashes inside my room. I guess somebody from the owner's house occupied my rooms. I feel really bad of that.

I got few e-mails from Home. I guess they are sending mails from Irinjalakuda Press club. Probably the webmaster there might have got my e-mail id from my father; he had send me a mail asking me to visit their web site.

Got lot of bugs to fix.. Will have to work today and tomorrow as well.

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07:02 pm


I watched the movie "How to make an American Quilt" today afternoon on the television. Good performance from all the actresses. I know only Winona Ryder; don't know the name of the others. The movie is like a collage of images. Many old women are narrating their love affairs and relations with men. The music score is really beautiful. It makes us feel that life is like a statue made of glass. It is beautiful, fragile and eventually it breaks.

There are good movies coming in the cable television. Unlike in Indian channels, the ratio of advertisements to actual programs is not 1:1. So, we can watch the programs without much frustration.

I am planning to get few video tapes from the US. The tapes are available in Amazon, but if I buy from India, I will have to pay a huge postal charge. I think my video tape player will recognize NTSC format. Otherwise I will have to convert them to VCDs from some shop in Bangalore.

Interestingly, I am looking for the Indian movies, "Devi", "Kanchan Junga", "Postmaster/Sampathi/Monihara","Sonar Kella" and "Aaranyer Din Rathri", and none of these movies are available in India!. It is really sad.

Sometime back, one of my friends asked me what makes me so mad about these movies. It is difficult to explain. In the movie "Apur Sansar", Apu starts from his home in the morning with a cloth bag. He takes a book from the rack and is about to keep it in the bag. Suddenly he flaps it's pages, and finds a dry gray leaf in between the pages. He thinks for a moment, takes another book from the rack and places the leaf carefully in that book. This simple gesture immediately makes me feel how romantic is the character of Apu. Each scene in the movie is so deep, but natural. That is why I think I should see all the movies by the great director.

Discovery Channel is showing a program "Pre-historic Beasts" tomorrow. The trailers looks great. But unfortunately, I dont get Discovery channel in my TV. Another program is about the making of "The Lord of the Rings". Liv Tylor looks like an angel in the trailers. I guess this is going to come in the USA channel which I am getting.

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