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December 9th, 2001 - Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar's Journal

December 9th, 2001

December 9th, 2001
03:24 pm


It is Snowing...
Yesterday night suddenly it started snowing. At 10, I just watched out of the window and saw tiny particles falling in the light of the street lamp. When I checked outside, I saw all the ground was slowly getting covered with snow. Today morning when I woke up, I was amazed to see the transformation outside. Snow covered the top of almost all buildings and trees. It looked like some kind of white cream in which I can dip my finger and eat. I saw a kind of bird looking like a duck sitting on top of the roof of the next building. The balcony of my house was covered with snow by almost 6 inches.

Through the window of the next house, I can now see a large cat yawning. There are rules in place in the US for keeping pets. We need to take permission from the state for that. Keeping pets is an expensive affair. It seems there are dog training schools here where pets can be trained so that they wont make much noise. (If they make much noise, the owner will have to pay fine). Because of this, pets are given great care. They sleep in cushion beds and their living standards are not so bad.

Sajith had told me of his visit to a pet shop, where he saw Pythons, poisonous spiders, Piranha fish, Chameleons etc. Since family relations and ties here are practically non-existent, retired people, who feel very lonely, would be spending time taking care of almost any type of pets, Sajith told. What a life!

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