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December 14th, 2001 - Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar's Journal

December 14th, 2001

December 14th, 2001
08:11 pm


I had a hectic week in office. Work gets piled up, assigned from here as well as from India.

A typical scenario would look like this: One fine Saturday morning, when I wake up and am about to brush teeth, I get a feeling that I should check my mails. I startup the machine and see couple of interesting mails which typically would look like below:

1. From: Automatic Defect Tracking System
To: ratheesh
Received at 11:28 pm

Bug No.xyz Assigned to ratheesh

2. From : Manager
To: Customer Engineer
Cc: ratheesh
Received at 11:30 pm

Ratheesh will be working on Bug No.xyz. Please contact him for details.

3. From: Manager
To: ratheesh
Received at 11:32 pm

Ratheesh, I have assigned bug No.xyz to you, If you have some free cycles, could you please look into it.

4. From: Customer Engineer
To: ratheesh
Cc: Manager
Received at 11:33 pm

Could you give me a status update on Bug No.xyz? It is a very critical bug.

5. From: Customer Engineer
To: Manager
Cc: ratheesh, Manager's Manager
Received at 11:40 pm

Hello, The Engineer for Bug.xyz is not responding to any mails. The bug is very critical and the customer is getting nervous.

6. From: Manager
To: ratheesh
Cc: Customer Engineer, Manager's Manager
Received at 11:41 pm.

Ratheesh, Could you respond to the mails ASAP.

So, I sit down and start typing the status of the bug. Ofcourse, it requires lot of humor sense to reply to mails.

* * *

The only other significant thing happened this week was that I broke my apartment key on last Sunday. I turned it in the opposite direction and it broke immediately. Fortunately I had another key, so could get in the building. After getting in, I started thinking what I should have done if I didn't have the other key. It was snowing outside, I had no car to go anywhere, I don't have a mobile phone to make a phone call to anybody, so and so on...So next day I got another key set from the lease office.

* * *

After being in the US for few weeks, I am afraid I am getting some of the conversational habits of the US. That loud "HaHhaHha" laugh, telling the meaningless "That's Great" for virtually anything, pronouncing "do" as "Dooduddudduddu" etc. etc.. (They speak the first "do" and then think and compose what to tell after that, and fill in the gaps with "do"s spoken with high frequency).

* * *

I used Deepika "e-kathu" to send mails to my parents in Malayalam. It was interesting. It is comparatively easier to type than the other Malayalam software I have used, since it uses transliteration.

Current Music: Chandanasilayil...(Kulam)

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