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December 15th, 2001 - Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar's Journal

December 15th, 2001

December 15th, 2001
04:21 pm


Ramante Vazhi

Ramante Vazhi by Gopikkuttan was probably the first novel I read. It was being serialized in the Kumkumam weekly during 1981-82 or so. When my father's novel Devli started coming in Kumkumam, we started buying the weekly. I think NV Krishna Warrier was the editor of the weekly that time and many good stories and novels used to come in the weekly. I specially remember the humorous stories by P. Subbaia Pilla, some children's stories, "Ente Karnan" by VT Nanda Kumar and "Vijana Veedhi", a horror/suspense novel which I used to like a lot in those days. I haven't seen Kumkumam weekly for the last many years. The last time I saw, I felt it is slowly moving to the league of "Mangalam" or "Manorama".

I don't remember much of the story of "Ramante Vazhi". It was about Raman, a "Beedi Theruppukaran". The novel starts with Raman being a small boy, employed in some Beedi Factory, and having tough times many days. I liked the novel very much and felt sympathy for Raman. The novel ran to more than 50 chapters, until Raman grows old. One day my father had taken me out to somewhere, and on the way we saw Prof. Mampuzha Kumaran, a critic. They talked about the periodicals, and I started listening. I remember I felt very happy when Prof. told that he also liked "Ramante Vazhi".

Ok.. It was all around 20 years back. I wish I could get a copy of "Ramante Vazhi" now and read it again.. Just to know what I liked those days. But don't know whether the novel has been published as a book by any publishers. Never heard of Gopikkuttan again.

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