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December 17th, 2001 - Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar's Journal

December 17th, 2001

December 17th, 2001
07:26 pm


Received a mail from Home today. They have given the email of Nanmachechi and asked me to mail her. But when I tried, it bounced back.

Suraj will be coming to visit me this weekend. He will be here for four days. I will be meeting him after almost three years. The last time we met, he was doing preparations for travel to US. I remember we went for a movie "Jeans" that day, eager to watch Aishwarya Rai.

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08:15 pm


My favorite comedy scenes in Malayalam cinema

This I typed sometime back, planning to put in my web page. But it looks like freeservers has reduced the disk quota for free accounts and some of my files have been auto-deleted. So, I am putting this thing here.

  • In Ramji Rao Speaking , the fight between Mukesh, Saikumar and Innocent and Innocent's expressions when Rekha comes into the compound.
  • In Natotikkaattu, Mohanlal and Sreenivasan are going for job and on the way they had a fight with someone coming on car. Back to office, they find that the person is the new MD of the office. They wear false beards and specs and come to meet the MD. When MD asks them to remove the specs, Sreenivasan tells "Kannokke Pazhutthu Cheenjirikkukayanu".
  • In Pattana Pravesham, Mohanlal sits in a hotel, next to NL Balakrishnan. He is having a syringe to collect the blood sample of NL. It is fun to watch the way he uses the syringe with a peculiar inimitable smile.
  • In Junior Mandrake, Jagathi is admitted to mental hospital and they bury him in ground with only head outside, "as part of the treatment". One patient thinks that his head is a football and hits it. This may seem cruel, but it is difficult not to laugh watching it.
  • In Vadakku Nokki Yanthram, Sreenivasan, on his wedding night, "climbs" to the bed and suddenly all the flower curtains and all paraphernalia falls down. He tells Parvathi, his wife: "Saramilla Shobhe, Ithokke Sadharanamalle..". The movie, has many other interesting scenes. In a song scene, Sreenivasan takes a wild flower or leaf and smells it romantically, and then he starts itching. In another scene, he is asked whether he needs coffee. His serious reply is: "Ippol Venda, Chilappol Vendi Vannekkum".
  • In Adhipan, Mohanlal telling Parvathi that her father is their family doctor, not knowing that he is a veterinary doctor. Another scene in which he comes to Parvathi's home and meets her father is also funny.
  • In Akkare Ninnoru Maran Mala Aravindan comes to attend the interview for a bus conductor post, and he tells few stories to show how honest he is. It is interesting with the background music, and Netumuti's expressions. Another scene, in which Netumuti telling to the visitors that he is fully in debt, thinking that they are IT officers is also good.
  • In Aram + Aram = Kinnaram, Mohanlal narrating his fictitious encounters with girls and repeatedly asking to the listeners "Njan Athrakku Sundaranano?"
  • Jagadeesh, Mukesh, Asokan and Siddique waiting to meet Geetha Vijayan in In Harihar Nagar. It is interesting to see their faces.
  • In Arorumariyathe, Netumuti the driver comes back to Madhu's home, after their eventful vacation trip. His facial expressions and Madhu's red face during the scene is really funny.
  • Sreenivasan disguising as a thief, with oil poured all over his body in Gandhinagar Second Street, so that his friend Mohanlal the false Goorkha can catch the thief.
  • Mohanlal the teacher taking his first class in school, in Doore Doore Oru Kootu Koottam, and Netumuti telling "Katuppam Alpam Kurakkam".
  • Jagathi demonstrating his new pants to his mother in Melepparambil Aanveetu.
  • The advertisement in the movie hall in Megham in which Sreenivasan's photograph is shown with a title "Owner Shanmughan".
  • The scene in which Harisree Asokan is asked to polish all shoes first and then to wash the clothes in an otherwise junk movie Punjabi House.
  • Sreenivasan describing his job history to Mohanlal in Mukundetta Sumitra Vilikkunnu. He tells he was in "Indian Railways" for few years, and then the scene cuts to one in which he walks over the railway platform wearing a Khaki trouser, with a large trunk box on his head. He tells he was a medical representative for few years, and in the next scene we can see him sitting in the footpath and selling "Karinkurangu Rasayanam". There are few more of this, but I forgot.
  • (Movie not known) Jagathi being hit by his wife after she sees him flirting with (She thinks so) Surya.
  • Sainuddeen asking Mammootty "where is the house of Hitler Madhavan Kutty" , and is being hit in Hitler.
  • Sreenvasan pleading with Mohanlal to take him to the US, and the way Mohanlal responds to it, in Akkareyakkareyakkare.

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