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December 31st, 2001 - Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar's Journal

December 31st, 2001

December 31st, 2001
07:22 pm



The tenth standard Physics text book talks about "Mahaavisphotana Sidhantham" (nothing but the Big Bang Theory) which says the Universe is in a state of expansion. Is Universe some kind of balloon which can expand? If so what is that void outside that balloon? Or do they refer only few galaxies as the universe, which drift from each other? who knows?

Can we imagine something having physical dimensions that is Endless? Imagining of mathematical numbers is okay. But thinking of Space that goes on, and on, and on, and on, with no borders, no end, nothing. Just infinite space. This mere thought makes me feel any other thing that we do or think as just trivial.

Time is the next baffling thing. It was all always there. And will be there.

Still, we divide time into seconds, minutes, hours, days and years. And there goes another calendar year 2001.

So what did I do this year? In the new year eve of 2001, I was sitting in the TV room of Tapti Hostel, watching Mahima Chowdhury in a Hindi movie. Last days in IIT were a bit tense, thanks to the last minute patch works in the project (as usual..) and the nightmare of doing "technology transfer". There was our memorable trip to Mahabalipuram with DONLabbers, and on 21st I reached my Home for a two weeks vacation.

Joined Philips Bangalore on Feb 5th, and shifted to Rajith's home after two weeks. Work in Philips was okay, actually there was nothing much I did there in the short stint of one and a half months, except for the regular visits to the cafeteria and a good training on COM/DCOM. My trip to Holland from Philips was not going to happen, and so I left Philips and joined Cisco on March 27th. Now I realize this was the most fortunate thing happened to me in this year. I cant imagine staying outside India for a long period, whatever be the benefits of doing so.

Life in Cisco is okay, and I feel it is undoubtedly the best among the three places I worked so far. There is constant work pressure, but there are moments of joy and pleasure of fixing some "bugs". The team of Sunil Kumar, Dinesh, Karthik, Shankar and all is very enjoyable to work with. (Karthik is leaving for higher studies, Btw.)

I shifted to a new house in May, which is around 5 minutes walk from office. With couple of good hotels around, food is of no problem. Started cooking experiments in July, and so life goes with work, cooking, eating, reading, watching TV etc.

Exciting Moment of the Year: Attending IIT Convocation with parents
Reading Experience: I didn't read many books this year as I became addicted to the television channels. "Sidhartha" by Herman Hesse was the best reading experience of this year.
Movies: Charulata, Aparajito, and Apur Sansar were the movie experiences of this year. I couldn't see many new Malayalam movies (I guess Devadoothan and Ravanaprabhu were the only new movies I saw this year) but could watch many oldies in the television.
People: There were many new people I got introduced and interacted with in this year. Ramakrishnan, Surajith, Hansraj, Vivekananda Naik, Chandramouli Reddy, Vishal Neema, Harish Maller, Anil Kumar, Sunil Kumar, Dinesh Kumar, Shankar Ganesh, Madhu Babu, Dipanjan, Gopakumar, Karthik Ramachandra, Joy Dutta, Fred Lewis,...

Current Music: Thankathala Thaalam...

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07:33 pm


Watched Hitchcock's Rear Window today afternoon in AMC channel. Really a classic movie. Unfortunately I missed the initial thirty minutes of the movie, as I didn't know that it was being shown. Later I saw Love at first Bite, about Dracula coming to visit US. It is supposed to be a comedy movie. I felt it is utter boring. AMC is showing few good movies later tonight and tomorrow.

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