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January 14th, 2002 - Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar's Journal

January 14th, 2002

January 14th, 2002
08:13 pm


My dial up connection setup in the apartment was having some problem, so I was internetless at home for the last couple of days. This was a good thing as it meant less browsing and more good movies in the television. I watched many good movies, many beautiful women with beautiful eyes, beautiful smiles, in beautiful costumes, of course in the television movies. On Sunday morning it snowed for almost four hours and I just sat at the window, watching the snow slowly falling and filling the ground.

The whole wide world is the story of a writer, Robert E. Howard (it was 1930s), and his relationship with a school teacher, Novalyne Price. It is based on her autobiographical work. Was an excellent movie with good music and good acting performances from Renee Zellweger and Vincent D'Onofrio.

Valmont was set in the 18th century France, all about love, betrayal and revenge among the aristocrats. A beautiful and romantic movie, and I enjoyed watching it. There was Annet Bening, Meg Tilly and Colin Firth. All performances were excellent.

I watched Fly Away Home (Anna Paquin). It was a movie I liked a lot, and I was watching it the second time.

There were few comedy movies like The Matchmaker, Class etc. which were watchable. Then I saw the two special effect movies, The Mummy and The Mask. I guess "Mask" is the first movie of the gorgeous Cameron Diaz and she was looking great in that.

I called up the apartment office on Saturday evening to rectify my telephone problem, and today it was corrected. I was amazed and happy to see the fast service of the telephone companies in this issue. Today I went out with Sunil to collect the money sent to me from Bangalore, but couldn't locate the withdrawal office. We went to a Chinese restaurant and had vegetable fried rice there. It was good, there were many vegetables, and more over they were properly cooked with lot of spices. It costs $6 and quantity-wise also was not bad. I had stopped taking lunch from last week. I could not make myself eat that Pizza from the office cafeteria, and was surviving with some snacks and mineral water. So I ate the fried rice with great appetite.

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