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January 26th, 2002 - Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar's Journal

January 26th, 2002

January 26th, 2002
06:56 pm


More Movies...

There are two good things in my visit to the US. One, I could see the thing called "snowing". Two, I could see many great old movies in the television.

I had read The Diary of Anne Frank sometime back. The diary the sixteen year old girl wrote during her two years of hiding in the attic of a building at Amsterdam during World War II has been the most moving among all such kind of works. There are photographs on the cover and inside of the book, showing Anne on her birthdays, with her sister Margot, with her parents and friends, on a vacation. There is a close-up photograph in which we can see her with dreamy eyes. When I read the book and saw the photograph, I felt the diary is not just the portrayal of the people who suffered from Nazism, but it is more than that, I feel it represents all the unfulfilled dreams of all the people who have ever lived. The black and white movie based on the diary is a classic, and is a must-see. Anne (Millie Perkins), Otto Frank (Joseph Schildkraut), Mrs Frank, The Van Dans, Margot and all other characters are just like I imagined while reading the diary. Even the small character of Miep, the helper is done with perfection. It was really a great movie.

The Sugarland Express is Spielberg's first movie. Goldie Hawn is an ex-convict, and her husband is serving last months in prison. Their baby is going to be taken away by the state as they are declared unfit to take care of the child. She goes to prison, argues with her husband, threatens, and finally he escapes from there with her, steals a car of an old couple, kidnaps a police officer who was following and then there is a very long car chase with an array of police cars following them. All they want is to take back the baby. There is not much of background music in the entire film, but when there is music, it is highly effective. An excellent movie.

North to Alsaka is a western/romantic/comedy staring John Wayne. John Wayne goes to Seattle to fetch Jenny, his friend's girl friend. He finds that she is already married, and feeling sorry to disappoint his friend, finds another girl and takes her back with him. There is a scene in which John Wayne feels jealous of his friend when he is with her. His expressions and dialogues are really great as well as comic in that scene. A hilarious movie.

Guess Who's for Dinner is a family drama, staring Katherine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy and Katherine Houghton with an incandescent face. Great acting performances.

Silver Streak is a kind of adventure/suspense/comedy movie involving a murder in a train called "Silver Streak". Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid is a western, the story of two outlaws. I guess it is based on a real story. Into the Night stars Michelle Pfeiffer and Jeff Goldblum and was an interesting movie.

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