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January 27th, 2002 - Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar's Journal

January 27th, 2002

January 27th, 2002
04:48 pm


Type Writing

Got some bugs to fix! My fingers are paining after typing long time on the laptop keyboard. I started working on computers in 1993, during the second year of my BTech course. Isn't it surprising that even after 8 years, I am still using only two of my fingers for doing all the typing? I somehow couldn't develop the skill of keeping the hands fixed at one position in front of the keyboard and using all the fingers for typing. Instead, I just move my hands all over the keyboard and use the middle fingers to hit on the keys.

I had joined for a type writing course many years back. It was during the vacation after my SSLC examination. Just like all students these days go for Kambuttar Kozhse after their elementary school education, that time it was type writing and short-hand courses. So, I joined the type writing institute in Koodal Manikyam Road at Irinjalakuda. The institute was on the first floor of an old building, and there was a grocery shop in the ground floor. There were wooden stairs from the side of a grocery shop to go to the second floor. Two rooms were there in the institute where couple of old type writing machines were kept. I guess the fee was 25 rupees per month. My classmate Bharathanunni also had joined for the typing classes there.

I used to make small hand written books and magazines those days. Only my sister and myself were the only contributors to the magazines. The readers also mainly constituted of only us, and occasionally some children from the relatives who came for a visit. I spent most of my time either working on the magazines or thinking of them: What should be the cover painting for the next issue? How should be the design and lay out? Whose names shall I put in the "Letters to the Editor" column? The names should not clash with the previous issue, since that will make the "readers" suspect that they are fake.

The idea of going for type writing classes looked like a new possibility for me. I thought I could type some part of the magazines instead of hand-writing them. So, instead of typing "asdf.." which I was asked to do by the teacher of the institute, I secretly started typing my own things. After taking a lot of pain, I could type the "Edited printed and published..." stuff that comes in the bottom of the last page, and I was thrilled to see that.

My typing classes went for three or four weeks, and it didn't add anything particular to my typing skills. Even now, when I go in front of the institute building, I feel if I could go up there and sit there again just like in those days. But here I am, typing in this journal using two fingers.

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