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January 30th, 2002 - Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar's Journal

January 30th, 2002

January 30th, 2002
07:17 pm


Fred wanted to go for Indian food sometime. In fact he had told that 10 weeks back, when I reached here; but we couldn't go till now. Today we could make it. Sunil took us to a restaurant near his place at Nashua. I had Roti, Dal fry, a curry made of spinach, paneer and many vegetables, lemon rice and pickles. It was good.

I have become very popular here among the taxi drivers :-) I call the same cab company all days for coming back to home. They have around 10 drivers I guess, and I happened to meet all of them more than once. Today there was the old man with snow-white hair. He trembles while driving which scares me sometimes. But he talks a lot. Today he was surprised to hear that I haven't seen my family for the last three months.

At many times people (including me) criticize about the family system and values of the people in the US. But if I think back, in the last five years, the total number of days I have spent with my parents will be only around 80. I just go home for three or four days once in a while for a vacation and spend few days happily; thats all. I have missed most of the family functions in the last five years. I guess this is the same case with many people of my age. Very few of my friends stay with their parents now.

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