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February 7th, 2002 - Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar's Journal

February 7th, 2002

February 7th, 2002
01:47 pm


The Bounty / The Day of the Dolphin

The Bounty is a movie about he disastrous 18th century voyage of a ship "The Bounty". They land on an island of tribals and some of the crew members are of the opinion that they should stay for a long time in the island. When they sail back, one of the assistants of the captain takes over, the captain and few others are dumped in a small boat and sent away. With little experience in navigation, the new captain struggles to reach the destination, and there is another threat of mutiny. There is an array of talented actors in the movie: Anthony Hopkins, Mel Gibson, Laurence Olivier, Liam Neeson,..

Dolphins are characters in the movie The Day of the Dolphin. A scientist teaches dolphins to speak in a kind of human language, and also understand certain words. He plays with them, cares them like his own children. But, some others like the military have plans to kidnap the dolphins and use them as a kind of secret weapon. The difficult theme of speaking dolphins is picturized convincingly. The end of the film was moving. The scientist decides to release the dolphins back to the sea, but they stick to him, saying that "Pha loves Ba". Finally the scientist says that "All men bad, don't speak to men", and the dolphins hesitatingly move away, still crying. The director (Mike Nichols) makes sure that this scene doesn't become a kind of melodrama. I felt it was a unique type of movie, and I liked it.

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06:36 pm


Looking Back to my US Trip

When we are about to leave a place, we suddenly start liking all the things associated with it. While sitting on the taxi, when I saw the trees on both sides of the roads, the cute wooden houses with roofs covered with snow, When I saw the chairs in my apartment on which I used to sit and watch TV in the last three months, When I saw the vessels, microwave oven, table lamp, flower pot... I felt like all these are living creatures, and after all, I have not been living alone in the last three months. I know after two days I will be thousands of miles away, and all my silent companions will be here, alone, and I will never ever see those things again.

This is a transient feeling and is a kind of déjà vu for me. I have had the same thoughts while vacating the many rented houses in Bangalore, while leaving the hostel room at IIT and many other situations.

I wonder whether prisoners will have the same feeling about their cells when they are about to be released.

It may be out of context; but it makes me think of one of the greatest stories I have ever read - Basheer's Mathilukal and Atoor Gopalakrishnan's excellent movie based on the story. When Basheer is released from the prison, he thinks: "Who wants freedom? It is just like going from a smaller jail to a bigger one - one without any walls!" (The reason for such feeling for Basheer was different, though..)

* * *

It had been a nice experience to work with Fred Lewis in the office. He had been very helpful in giving technical tips, sending out e-mails of appreciation for any minor work I did, and so on. He has a real professional attitude towards work.

Without Sunil I don't know how I should have survived here. He was greatly helpful in taking me to the grocery shops, bank, lending me money a number of times, giving various tips, and he is a person with whom I can clarify my doubts regarding virtually anything.

Suraj made phone calls to me almost every day, and it was helpful to reduce my feeling of loneliness. After the GECT days, I was not really having much contacts with him except for exchanging occasional greeting mails. It was great to be in touch with him again after a long time.

I wont say my US trip was a bad thing. I might have gone through various hardships in the last three months - like horrible food (I guess I reduced my weight by 9Kg), climate, commutation issues, and all those general feeling of being far away from all the things I like - but still, all these are parts of life, and that's what makes life beautiful!

Current Music: Innumente Kannuneeril Ninnorma Punchirichu..

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