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February 19th, 2002 - Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar's Journal

February 19th, 2002

February 19th, 2002
06:53 pm



I am back after my Vacation in Kerala. I don't know how the last 5 days went. I reached there on Thursday morning. I had a nice time for the 5 days. I was inside home for most of the time, except for visits to temples and my uncles' homes. My sister's classes are over, so she was also at home, and we all had a nice time chatting.

A concrete wall has been built in the eastern border of our land there. Few trees, on which the Kutturuvan birds used to sit and sing, have been cut and I felt sad.

When I met my grandmother, I felt she suddenly has become very old. Same was the feeling I had when I saw people in my neighbor houses. This feeling frightens me. I realize that I recognized this only because I was meeting them after a long four months. If I was staying in Kerala itself, then would this change in their appearance go just unnoticed by me?

I saw my grandmother, holding my uncles baby daughter, talking about various things. Seeing her makes me think about the majority of old-generation Women of India. Their life was always a kind of dedication, thinking of their children, children's children, relatives, doing cooking, cleaning houses, washing clothes, all work while others sit, relax, chat and watch TV. But I also realize they really enjoy living that way, and it is their definition of life.

When I went to Kootalmanikyam temple, I just glanced through the road going to National High School, where I studied for 6 years. I had visited the school in Jan 2001, after my IIT course, and had met Sreedevi teacher, Pramodini teacher and Komalam teacher. I felt like it was just yesterday that I walked through that road to the school, but more than 12 months have passed after that. I have become 1 year older.

One of my English teachers (forgot his name!) during the Pre degree course had once told: Time moves very fast. But you wont realize it until you become something like 25 years old. Till then you will spend time as you are spending money from a bank account with infinite balance.

The pace of time is a much-thought-of and written-about subject. But still, it never ceases to surprise me!

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07:06 pm


Movies, Magazines...

While I was in Kerala, I read Malayalam, Mathrubhoomi and Deshabhimani weeklies of the last four months. There was nothing much interesting. MT's latest novel, Varaanasi (I was thinking it was "Varanaasi") is being published in Malayalam Vaarika with big publicity. I didn't read it. While browsing through the magazines, I knew that three great people of Indian cinema passed away in the last two months. Karuna Banerjee, the great actress, who acted as Sarbojaya in the Apu Trilogy, Subrato Mitra, the photographer of most of the Ray movies, and Ashok Kumar the veteran Hindi actor.

I watched some junk movies like Swayamvarappanthal, Sethu, Dil Chahtha Hai, Joker etc. Lohithadas has written many good screenplays like Thaniyaavarthanam, Kireetam, Valsalyam, Aadharam, Bharatham etc. He has also directed good movies like Bhoothakkannati before. All these movies, I believe, will come in a list of 100 best Malayalam movies. Is it the same Lohithadas who directed a stupid, useless movie like "Joker"? I have been watching Dileep's acting since his first major movie, Sallaapam. I might have seen at least 10 of his movies, but feel like that he has acted in only a single role all along. It seems he is the most popular actor in Malayalam cinema now. Comparatively more talented young actors like Manoj K Jayan, Biju Menon, Murali Menon, Sudeesh and Mahesh are either forgotten or are getting only minor roles in movies and TV serials.

I had heard a lot about Fazil's old movie Ennennum Kannettante, but hadn't got a chance to see it yet. I took a cassette this time and watched it, but was disappointed. A bad screenplay and direction, poor acting by the main two characters. But the movie is worth watching because of the four beautiful songs in it.

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