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February 25th, 2002 - Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar's Journal

February 25th, 2002

February 25th, 2002
09:54 am


Bangalore Tips - Spitting Habits

I have been in Bangalore for more that three years now. I have roamed around almost every part of the city, and one observation I made was regarding the spitting habits of people here.

If you are walking on a road, always be careful. The people walking nearby (It is YOU for the other people), without any provocation, will suddenly spit. They wont care whether anybody is around, so it is your responsibility to take care. Always leave a safe distance of 1 meter between the people walking in all four directions. Use common sense, and depending upon wind speed, increase this distance.

Be extra careful while walking near buses that are stopped somewhere. People sitting in the bus will suddenly spit through the windows. In case the spit is on you, never look at them, expecting them to tell "Sorry". They wont apologize to you, on the other hand, they will get angry at you since you obstructed the passage of their spit.

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01:43 pm



How did I spend my weekend in Bangalore after a long time?

On Saturday morning I watched the movie Irattakkuttikalute Acchan on television. After that I decided to go to Majestic just like that. First I went to office, checked my mails, and then went to the bus stop. There were lot of beautiful girls waiting for the bus, so I stood there for almost one hour before taking the bus to Majestic.

There is a verb in place in Malayalam language for this process, called "Vay Nokkuka" ('y' is silent in some regions). Introduction of a word to the language was probably necessitated by the life styles of the people who use the language.

I had a fried rice from Kamat restaurant. The work of underground way in front of the bus stand has been completed, it looks like. I just roamed around, and then went to MG Road. Visited Premier book shop, and bought two books: "Balika Badhu", a collection of Bengali short stories, and collected short fiction works of Jibanananda Das (I have been looking for this book for a long time).

Back home, I watched the movie Rajavinte Makan on television. I had seen this movie almost 15 years back, when it was screened in our school. Mohanlal's character "Vincent Gomas" in this movie is the great grandfather of all the characters of Ravana Prabhu, Praja etc. "Rajavinte Makan" was a classic among this genre of Malayalam movies (like Deewar was among the Hindi movies about underworld), and it is still watchable. But recent movies are almost intolerable.

On Sunday, I setup my kitchen again. I had to clean up the things as I hadn't used it for last three months.

I went to Symphony theatre at 12. Lavakumar and Sridhar came soon, and we went to Galaxy theatre and watched Behind Enemy Lines. After that we had lunch from Amaravati restaurant. Lavakumar told he got a permanent transfer to Bangalore.

I was back home at 4. I completed reading the novel "Janaranya" by Shankar, translated to Malayalam by Ravi Varma. It is about Unemployment. An excellent novel.

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