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March 17th, 2002 - Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar's Journal

March 17th, 2002

March 17th, 2002
02:12 pm


Television Programmes

Most of this weekend I had to be in office because of some "bugs". Finally it looks like at least one issue got resolved.

Browsing through the television channels is interesting. I check a Hindi music channel and there I can see Amisha Patel with a light green dress, sitting on a red car - she raises her hands and cries: Mohabbat Ki Shuroovat Ho Gayeeeee!!. As if Mohabbat was a matinee show of Jambo Circus. I hit hard on the remote control and switch the channel. But there I could see Kareena Kapoor dancing in some other junk movie and her facial expressions (called Goshti in our language) look intolerable to me. So I switch to a Hindi cinema channel. Some movie is playing and Inamdar Pulees Affsar comes into picture. As most of the IPA's of Hindi cinema, he is busy investigating whether any of his family members are criminals, so that he can arrest them and prove his Inamdarity. I didn't wait to see who is the criminal, but normally his father, brother or son turns out to be the Mujrim in the end, and we can expect few dialogues about Vardi.

Hindi movies have a unique naming system, which looks like a tree structure. If one movie becomes a hit in the box office, then they produce N number of movies having names taken from the lines of each of the songs of the successful movie. I wonder whether the names of some of the recent movies can be traced back to songs of Alam Ara.

Malayalam channels (There are four of them) are definitely far more better. Now there are less of the soaps starring Beena Antony and Resmi Soman, and it is time for live telephone quizzes all over (Even in Tamil channels this is the trend). They are interesting, I must say. The "Question Time" programme in the Asianet is excellent. I feel Rajasree Warrier is the best television programme hostess in Malayalam, and it is nice to see the way she handles the quiz programme. The questions are also of good standard. Sometimes the quiz masters act as if they know everything, and pass some comments which turn out to be real comedy. I remember watching a telephone quiz in Surya channel sometime back, called Students Quiz. There was a question referring to CV Raman Pillai (I think the question was to tell who is the Scott of Kerala), and the person couldn't answer the question. The Avatharaka - hostess, gave the answer and said: "Raman Effect ennokke kettittille?" (Haven't you heard of "Raman Effect"?).

Watching the song scenes of "Onnam Ragam Paati.." from Thoovanathumpikal (Today they showed it in TV) is a pleasure for me, since it shows the Thrissur Vadakkunnatha temple. I might have walked in front of this temple almost everyday during my Engineering college days. Each inch of the Swaraj Round has a special place in my mind. Interestingly, the first time I went inside this temple was only few months back!

I watched Gosford Park yesterday and felt it too boring. Nowadays I am reading Holger Kersten's book Jesus Lived in India. It is all new and quite interesting information for me. Probably we will never know the actual facts about the things discussed in the book. Still, it is interesting to read the way the theory is presented.

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