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April 4th, 2002 - Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar's Journal

April 4th, 2002

April 4th, 2002
05:56 pm



My vacation went well, as usual. I reached home on Saturday, and there was a Puja in our home in the evening. We had a nice dinner, on banana leaf. My grandmother sat next to me and she affectionately transferred all the Kaya Varathathu from her leaf to mine.

I spent most of the time inside home. Our house construction work is now almost over, but still some furniture works are remaining. Unnikrishnan had come for fixing doors for the cupboards and also for making a dining table. I guess he will be working at least for the next three weeks on that.

Vishnu (Kottarakkara) came on Monday to invite for some family function. I was happy to meet him after a long time.

On Tuesday I went to Koodalmanikyam temple, visited Current Books and bought some books. While coming back, it rained. I tried to remember when was the last time I ran in rain without an umbrella, but couldn't recollect. Probably it was around ten years back, while I was on my way to my grandfather's house. My grandfather was alive that time. Seeing myself coming, he came out of the compound with his big gray umbrella.

Kallada bus people called me up on Tuesday and told that the bus charge has increased again by Rs.30. Now it is Rs.340 for the journey.

Pramod's parents and my pre-degree batch mate Anoop were there in the bus. Next to my seat was one guy who works in Solvent company. It looks like he is planning to buy some land now, and I don't know what made him think that I am some kind of real estate broker or something. He kept on asking about the availability of land in Peshkar Road, who owns which place etc. etc. for a long time, until I acted like being asleep.

There was a beautiful girl sitting on the front seat of the bus. I spent my time watching her reflection on the dark glass behind the driver's cabin wall, until they switched off the lights to show the movie.

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06:22 pm


Mazha and other Movies

I watched couple of movies while at home. Lenin Rajendran's Mazha was excellent. After watching the movie, I read Nashtappetta Neelambari, Madhavikkutty's story on which the movie is based. I don't think it can be listed among her best stories. Lenin has kept the basic theme of the story intact, but has made lot of changes which made the movie more convincing and beautiful. Samyuktha Varma, Lal, Sindhu, Biju Menon, Thilakan, Urmila Unni, Jagathy - all have acted well. S. Kumar's visuals are beautiful. Songs are lovely. Altogether, I liked it a lot.

Jalsa Ghar and Ghare Baire are not among the best of Satyajit Ray. Definitely, we cant expect him to make classics always. Still, Jalsa Ghar is a flawless picturization of the declining feudalism. Based on Tharashankar Banerjee's novel, it has good music and great acting by Chabbi Viswas.Only thing is that it is not as lyrical or moving as his classic movies. Ghare Baire, based on Tagore's novel, is among Ray's last movies. It is a very talkative movie, unlike other Ray films. Even though the movie is a great one from normal Indian standards, it is not comparable to Ray's most of the other movies. Ray had a heart attack during the making of this movie, and it was completed by his son.

Vakkalathu Narayanan Kutty cant be called as a good movie, but it is an interesting one, and has lot of freshness in presentation, especially in its swift editing. There is one particular scene which made me laugh a lot. Jayaram and Manya are playing with a kind of ball as part of some marriage ceremony. Jayaram suddenly takes the ball, spits on it, then rubs it on his Mundu as cricket bowlers do. It is really funny to watch this few-seconds-long scene.

Rajasenan's comedy movies are always based on exaggerated situations (unlike Sathyan Anthikkad's comedies which are more realistic). In fact it is exaggeration that makes Rajasenan's movies funny. I have never felt any of his movies as boring (at least for the first time I watch them). Sreekrishnapurathe Nakshathrathilakkam was also a typical Rajasenan movie with lot of interested situations. Especially the initial scenes in which Bindu Panicker, KPAC Lalitha and Kalaranjini invite Nagma to their home were quite funny.

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