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April 13th, 2002 - Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar's Journal

April 13th, 2002

April 13th, 2002
10:59 am



Yesterday I had the misfortune to watch a Hindi movie Durga. It's story, screenplay, dialogues, direction - all is by Chakravarthy. I think he didn't photograph it only because he was also acting in it as the hero. I feel this movie is meant for watching only by Chakravarthy himself, but stupid movie crazy people like me spend money and watch such kind of films. One thing I would appreciate is that Chakravarthy didn't play around with other people's money. He produced the movie himself.

When I was in school, my cousin Satheesh from Kalady used to come to our home and stay with us during long summer vacations. We would be having a nice time playing around at all the places. There were not many buildings in our area that time, but only plain land, plants and trees. Next to our land there was a small canal through which we sailed on floating banana trunks, assuming to be characters in "The Count of Monte Cristo". All those heaps of soft sand meant for our house construction turned out to be tall hills. Chambal dacoits hid in it's every corner and attacked all the passers-by.

One day my father gave Rs.4.50 to us to watch a movie "Kattu Raja" that came in Prabhath theatre. Raghavan, who was the main Aashari for our house construction, saw us going out and asked where we were going. When we told about the movie, he exclaimed: "Aa kashinu Woodlandsi poyi masala dosa adichha enthra upakaram undayene!" (It would have been more useful to eat a Masala Dosa from Woodlands hotel with that money).

After watching any junk movie, I immediately remember Raghavan's words.

Btw., Masala Dosa from Woodlands hotel at our place has a special taste. The dry coconut chutney, which they give with the Dosa if we take it as parcel, is unique. I haven't seen such thing anywhere else.

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05:23 pm


Lord of the Rings

Went to Rex theatre and watched Lord of the Rings I (LOTR - FOTR, as it is called nowadays). Great visuals, flashy special effects, Liv Tyler in few scenes. In fact the visuals are a bit too good that it looks like they are the main characters and point of focus of the movie. So it is to be seen in the wide screen itself. But was the movie really worth all that hype? A big question mark. Was it worth my sixty rupees? Not at all. (Makes me sigh thinking of six Masala Dosas from Woodlands hotel).

The movie reminded me of the Chanthrakantha serial that used to come in television few years back. If we compare with the Hollywood movies, the serial was technically a rock-age product. But I watched it occasionally to see Shikha Swaroop, who acted as Chanthrakantha, the heroine. I am not curious to know what is going to happen in the remaining episodes of this LOTR. I have seen the few-inches thick volumes of the book in Higginbothoms ever since I started visiting the shop. Never had the courage to buy or read it yet.

Made a call to Suraj today morning. Probably we will meet tomorrow. Since Ramakrishnan is going to US next week for long term , I thought of meeting him. Called up his home, but he was not there. After the movie, I went to Music World and bought a head phone. Chinese made. The old one I was using (Philips) had its cable broken. I went to Indian Coffee House, but it was closed because of Ugadi.

Current Music: Ab Ke Baras..

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