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April 16th, 2002 - Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar's Journal

April 16th, 2002

April 16th, 2002
02:46 pm


Nowadays I am reading the collected short stories of Madhavikkutty. Many of the stories are great. Ney Payasam, Kolaatu, Paalakka Mothiram..

Also read Our Films, Their Films, essays by Satyajit Ray. I think this completes my Satyajit Ray collection.

It looks like my colleague and me were recognized in yesterday's company meeting. Since I didn't go for attending the meeting, I came to know of it today only. If some green papers are coming up then it is always welcome:-)

Current Music: Ethrayo Janmamaye -- Summer In Bethlehem

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08:55 pm


An Evening in Shanthi Nagar

After a long time I spent an evening peacefully at Home. Put my plastic chair in the balcony of my house, and sat there on it with a book. Hearing the chattering of light green fresh leaves of the two tall peepul trees that stand on both sides of my house. The peanut vendor goes on the road in front of my house, ringing his bell. Under the peepul tree, the Bajji vendor woman starts her preparations for todays items. Cable operator comes for collecting monthly fee.

The beautiful girl two houses away comes out of her home, walks to and fro for ten times, feeds a stray dog that comes and yells at her house gate, goes inside. Of course, I am concentrating on my book. I can hear that familiar rhythm of music of the Evening. From the main road I can hear the noise of motor bikes and cars of people going back home. The lady in white dress, staying in the third floor of the next flat puts on the light in her balcony. She brings a chair and places it in the balcony. Goes in, switches off the light, comes back and sits on the chair, staring at the road beneath.

Kerosine shop near the other peepul tree opens. Women carrying small plastic cans form a queue in its front. My house owner comes and asks for fifty rupees, the extra money I have to pay for the electricity and water bills.

Time is moving. Peanut vendor goes back after his today's sale in the area. Peepul leaves stop movement. At a distance I can hear the evening prayer from a Mosque.

Evenings have always a sadness in them.

And at 8, I started to office, as I have to attend a teleconference at 9:30.

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