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April 18th, 2002 - Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar's Journal

April 18th, 2002

April 18th, 2002
07:10 pm


I started reading The Story of San Michele and finished four chapters . It is interesting to read Axel Munthe's views on the psychology of people fearing of diseases, of dogs, monkeys...Besides, in every sentence I could see the author's love for all living beings in the world.

Rajith had asked for some Malayalam books to be sent through Anand, as he is travelling to Nederlands next week. I went to Sahithya Academy book shop in the afternoon and bought the translation of Shivarama Karant's masterpiece Marali Mannige for him, and the collected short stories of Masti for myself.

I don't have a good opinion about the get-up of books published by the Academy. In spite of having all the privilege of Government aid, they use very low quality paper, bad printing, topped with lots of spelling mistakes, missed pages during binding etc. etc. I saw the translation of Godan in the shop, and thought of buying it, as I haven't read it yet. But the fonts used in the book were so small, and the ink in letters was all spread out in the pages. It all looked a big mess. I don't know when the Academy is going to improve.

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