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April 23rd, 2002 - Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar's Journal

April 23rd, 2002

April 23rd, 2002
09:05 pm


CD Player

My CD player got damaged. Yesterday, while watching a Hindi movie "Gupt", the CD got stuck inside the player and didn't come out.

Today I searched in the web and found out the address of Samsung authorized service center in Bangalore. Sent an e-mail to them, and there was no response, as expected. So I made a call in the evening. One lady took the phone and she said that they don't service CD players. I asked her to give me the address of some other service center which handles CD players. After consulting with somebody she says: "I don't know.. knuhu... knuhu.." almost like crying. Then what for are you sitting there? I didn't ask.

I Went to the dealer from where I bought the player, and he gave me some address in Indira Nagar. May be I will have to go there in the weekend. Anyway it is good that it got damaged. I will try to resist my temptation to visit the service center at least for few weeks. Otherwise, as per the rate of my watching movies, it wont take long time for me to finish all the junk movies in CD libraries nearby. I am hardly doing any other thing at home nowadays.

Current Music: aap jaisa koi - Qurbani

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