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June 4th, 2002 - Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar's Journal

June 4th, 2002

June 4th, 2002
07:37 pm


Be Selfish!

If there are any of your personal possessions that are very precious to you, then don't lend them to anybody. Majority of people don't give much value to others things. This may seem to be a cynical statement, but it is a lesson I learned from years of my experience. I have lost many of things or got them back in a very poor condition. Books, albums, pens and other instruments, umbrellas, calculators... the list of such things is very long.

During my schooldays, once I spend couple of days in making a clay model of a woman with Veena. I even baked this primitive model in the kitchen fire, and started becoming proud of my work. I packed it in a cardboard box and took it to school to demonstrate it to my friends. One of my classmates was very much fond of cricket, and he always used to imitate bowling and batting actions, even while walking. He took my model, inspected it for a while, and suddenly he told "Catch!". Within a fraction of a second he threw it to me, who was sitting spellbound at a distance. I was never a good catcher. So, the result was obvious. My friend made fun of me of not being able to catch it even from such a short distance.

Sometime back I had a red ink pen which was a very special thing to me. One person borrowed it from me and when he returned that, I found out that its steel holder was missing. I asked him very politely whether by chance he had seen it somewhere. He felt as if I was offending him by asking that, and told that the holder was not at all there when I gave the pen to him.

Books are my most valuable assets. I had a calendar book with beautiful pictures of Russian landscapes. One person wanted to have it for one day, and he used it as a writing pad. I could see the impressions of all his writings on the pages of the book when he returned it.

The latest victim was my binoculars. I had taken it with me during my picnic to Dandeli. But most of the time my colleague was using it. Today morning I discovered that it's compass is broken and eyepiece has become loose.

These are just few examples and may seem very silly. Rarely do people really respect others feelings and sentiments, even though they would like to be known as being so.

I must say that there are people who have proved to me repeatedly with their deeds that they are exceptions to this. Kannan PT, who was my classmate in GECT, and Nadiyan Selvam, another friend of mine are two of them. I myself cant claim to be such an exception. It was only very recently that I broke the spectacles of my colleague Shankar Ganesh, which he had given it to me for safekeeping.

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