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June 10th, 2002 - Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar's Journal

June 10th, 2002

June 10th, 2002
07:52 pm


My Computer

I was in Kerala for the last four days. Bought a computer at home and took Internet connection. I spent most of the time at Home. Once I went to my uncle's home and saw the new dog they had brought which they told was German Shepherd. Watched some junk Malayalam movies as well.

Looks like the recent controversy regarding my "birth star" is resolved. It was generally believed that my star was Makayiram. It seems that when I was born, my grandfather had written my birth time on the roof of the prayer room of the house with a chalk piece. This house was demolished around ten years back and my uncle built a new house there. We forgot to note down the time from the roof. Recently, when the approximate timings were given, somebody told that the time falls into the Rohini star, which lead to the confusion. But looks like now it is settled as being Makayiram itself, as per some complex calculations. I am also happy as I like the name Makayiram!

It was for the first time that my parents were seeing a computer so closely. I showed them some of the features, how information about virtually anything under the Sun is available with few mouse clicks etc. They found it difficult to believe. Later I thought of this and realized that for people who are not literate of computers, it would give a kind of alarming feeling when they come to know that there exists a completely different world of the Internet.

In fact I never thought of buying a computer myself, until two months back. Even though I am an IT literate person and am earning my food through the computer industry, I sometimes have felt that a rebel stays inside me who is against all forms of modern technology. I am unable to find out the exact reasons of this mentality. Probably it is because of the type of books I read. Probably my mind is romanticizing the remote rural life seen in novels - unspoilt, as they call it.

There was a time when I used to really enjoy to see my programs running and working correctly. I can never forget the days when I was doing my BTech project - I was writing Lex and Yacc using Pascal, sitting in my room for hours, writing code in notebook, debugging on slate, and then going to the IRS computer center at Thrissur where I had rented computer time, and typing the code as fast as I could in the one hour time slot. If the program didn't work, I had to go back home, debug and comeback next day with the fix. I liked working on my IIT project as well. Will I ever again be able to enjoy playing with the Machine as I did in those days? I doubt it. Still, I have spent a good percentage of my financial savings in buying the computer.

I wish at some point of time I would be able denounce all the modern facilities and live like I lived some fifteen years ago. I dont want information to be available so quickly; I prefer to spend time eagerly searching for it. A romantic thought; but I do really wish so. Because I truly believe that all types of facilities are evil.

Current Music: Muthalvan : A.R.Rahman - Azhakaana Rakshasiye -S.P.B.,Harini

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