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April 29th, 2017 - Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar's Journal

April 29th, 2017

April 29th, 2017
11:26 am


The Journey Continues
I read the book The Journey Continues by Sri M, sequel to his autobiographical work, Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master. When I read his first book, I was coming to hear about Sri M for the first time; But after that over last six years I have been closely following his speeches and discourses in the digital media, and I could attend some of his talks given in Bangalore in person as well. I have been very eagerly waiting for this new book.

Like in the first book, Sri M gives a note in the beginning that the discussions in the book are mostly on concepts unexplainable by today's scientific mind and people may find them as results of his "unusually fertile imagination", but he hopes people to read it with an open mind and appreciate the possibilities of "unknown vistas to which consciousness can expand than the so-called rational brain can think of".

This book is not really a continuation of the autobiography written in chronological order, but a collection of articles which can be read independently without any particular order. In some articles, Sri M writes about the experiences in his "past lives", while in others he writes about the extraordinary experiences he had had in his present life and about his interactions with Yogis, known and unknown. There are a few chapters in which he reproduces his conversations with his Guru Maheshwarnath Babaji, which go deep into the some of the aspects of Yoga and spirituality.

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