April 2nd, 2021


Read the graphic novel Incognegro written by Mat Johnson, illustrated by Warren Pleece. "Incognegro" was a term Mat Johnson had invented for himself during his childhood, as his skin color didn't give any indication that he is an African-American, and he imagined himself taking up secret assignments in disguise, in some earlier timelines. Zane, the hero of Incognegro, too has similar characteristics and hence he is able to freely mingle with white people in heavily racist South states of America in early 20th century. Zane is a reporter by profession and he specifically takes effort to report about the mob lynchings of black people that were happening in those states.

Incognegro narrates one of the adventures of Zane. The illustrations are decent and the dialogues are interesting, but I felt that the story thread was very average. Even though the book is termed as a "graphical mystery", I didn't find the mystery as that much engaging.