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The Best We Could Do - Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar's Journal
June 20th, 2017
08:10 am


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The Best We Could Do
The Best We Could Do - An Illustrated Memoir by Thi Bui is yet another work that shows the power of Graphic Novels as a medium for narrating serious subjects autobiographical in nature, like Persepolis or Maus.

The author, in her forties now, living in America with her aging parents, reconstructs the story of her parents, grandparents and family (including herself as a small child) going through the political turmoil in Vietnam, and eventually "escaping" to a refugee camp in Malaysia in 1975 after The Fall of Saigon, and then finally immigrating to America. Along with the historical events of Vietnam War as seen from the perspective of her parents, Thi Bui also touches upon various other subjects like the kind of permanent scars that a War would leave on people, the combination of generation gap and cultural differences that the immigrant parents face during interactions with their growing children, and the general feelings related to parenthood. The illustrations are brilliant, and the book gives the experience of watching a feature film.

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