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Kannada Ship - Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar's Journal
October 16th, 2017
11:51 am


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Kannada Ship
Near Ecospace building in Bellandur, in between the outer ring road and the service road, there is this odd but curious looking structure in the shape of some 10-meter long ship, that is painted in red and yellow, representing the "Karnataka flag", with the words "Kannada Ship Sailing In The Midst Of Traffic Ocean" written on it. Though the outer ring road section in front of Ecospace is where the road probably attains its maximum width (some 10 lanes including the service lanes I guess), this part is constantly under traffic jam that the traffic jam itself has become a landmark for people passing through the road. For example, while commuting to and from office, if I get a call and I have to indicate our whereabouts, I just tell that I am at "The Ecospace Jam"! In the middle of this jam, the Kannada Ship indeed looks like always sailing in "traffic ocean".

For a change, the Ecospace gate has become a mini-lake now, as an adjacent lake, filled with rainwater and sewage, has started overflowing. The water has no place to go, as many of the drain channels are blocked. So, it looks like the Kannada Ship is now finally having an opportunity to sail in the middle of a water-body, thanks to the great and thoughtful ways our city infrastructure is being planned and maintained.

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