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Thupparivaalan - Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar's Journal
October 22nd, 2017
06:31 pm


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In the Tamil film Thupparivaalan directed by Mysskin, the lead character, a detective played by Vishal, is a super-hero - He is intelligent and knowledgeable like Sherlock Holmes that he can tell all about a case and its most possible solution just by observing his client casually, and he can examine the mark on a dust-covered desk to predict on the possible material that was placed on it - a book for instance, and even make a guess on the title of the book. He is not just a man of "grey cells" - he is also a veteran in different forms of martial arts, fighting with ten people at the same time in an elaborate sequence reminding of Kill Bill.

This characterization of a superhuman hero is not usually seen in Mysskin's films, and one may even suspect that the hero of his latest film is a parody on the typical heroes of commercial cinema. In spite of this, Thupparivaalan comes out as a very interesting and engaging film from start to finish, and the full credit goes to Mysskin's directorial prowess and the subtle touches he adds to the narrative throughout the film.

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