Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar (ratheesh) wrote,
Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar


Hindi film Sir, narrates the story of an affectionate relationship (After watching the film, I was not sure if it can be called as a "love affair") between Ashwin, a US returned aspiring writer living in a posh flat in Mumbai, and Ratna, his maid servant who comes from a village. The poignant story is told in a nice way by director Rohena Gera, and the performances, especially by Tillotama Shome as Ratna was brilliant.

I felt there were a few minor issues which became noticeable mainly because of the near perfect rendering of the rest of the scenes. These were mostly related to inconsistencies in subtle reactions of the actors. For e.g., in one scene, Ratna gifts a birthday present to Ashwin, and we see him receiving it and placing aside - perhaps a little extra element of expression of surprise on Ashwin's side could have made the scene look better? There were a few scenes like that which I felt could have got help from a slight brushing up in an otherwise brilliant film.

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