Ratheesh KrishnaVadhyar (ratheesh) wrote,
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The Postman

Italian film The Postman (1994) has actor Massimo Troisi playing the role of Mario, simpleton villager in a little Italian Island of early 1950s. He is offered part time employment as a postal delivery man at local post office. The area he is assigned to has just one recipient, but he seems to get too many letters and parcels everyday, and the person is none other than poet Pablo Neruda, who is now exiled from his homeland of Chile.

Mario knows to read and write, but he doesn't know much about Pablo Neruda in the beginning, except that he has several female admirers. But he gets a chance to have short interactions with Neruda over his daily mail services, and he is all at awe looking at the way Neruda is able to talk about the waves of the ocean in a poetic way that makes him feel as if he is getting tossed on the waves of the ocean himself. He approaches Neruda with questions on how to become a poet, and what a "metaphor" is, and also with requests on some tips regarding how to woe a girl with whom he has fallen in love with in the village.

Actor Massimo Troisi was sick during the making of this film, but he postponed his treatment in order to keep the film schedule undisturbed. Unfortunately, he passed away just a few hours after completing the shooting. That fact would keep the viewers feel sad looking at his performance in the film. The Postman has a few heart-warming scenes showing the relationship between the poet and Mario.
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