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"We should look for moments in life that we will never forget - those that we will carry with us after all others fade -- the ones that will make all others worthwhile" - Bras, the protagonist in the graphic novel Daytripper is given this advice by his father, who is a famous Brazilian writer. Bras, though he is an aspiring writer himself, ends up spending quite a lot of his early career working for a newspaper, specializing in writing obituaries.

The graphic novel, written by twin brothers Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá is divided into different chapters with titles as numbers, like 32, 21, 28 and so on, each number indicating the age of Bras as portrayed in that chapter. Through these non-chronological narrative, the life story of Bras, his relationships, failures and successes is told. Some of the chapters have some key turning points in his life, while a few have some of those "unforgettable moments", but all chapters end with Bras's death at that age - throwing up various possibilities for his life story.

Though the idea of ending each chapter with the main character's death initially sounded like a gimmickry to me, I enjoyed reading Bras's story, which is told in a very intriguing way with many memorable situations, dialogues and great illustrations. The coloring works of the artworks also play a key role in making this book look gorgeous.
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