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Peter Kuper's graphic novel Ruins tells the story of a couple - George and Samantha who are US citizens on a sabbatical to Oaxaca, Mexico for an year. Samantha hopes to write her book during this time, which is a mix of her own memoirs and the history of Mexico. She also plans to revisit some of the places she had visited during her trip to Mexico two decades back. George on the other hand doesn't have any particular thing in his mind; he just floats around, photographing and drawing pictures of insects, painting and trying to digest the Life in Mexico. The couple also witness some political events going in Oaxaca town. There is another thread going in in parallel with their story - that is the story of migration of Monarch butterfly from US to Mexico, and Peter Kuper draws parallels between the butterfly's migration and the story of George and Samantha.

Ruins is a very interesting book, and the illustrations are very colorful and apt in capturing the atmosphere of the story.
Tags: books

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