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8 1/2 Intercuts

Watched 8 1/2 Intercuts, a documentary film directed by Lijin Jose on the life and films of veteran director, KG George. "8 1/2" on the title is a reference to Fellini's film, which is one of George's favorites. We can see a few scenes from this film very aptly interspersed along with the narrative of the documentary.

The documentary shows scenes from ten important films by KG George - Swapnadanam, Ulkkadal, Mela, Kolangal, Yavanika, Lekhayude Maranam: Oru Flashback, Adaminte Variyellu, Panchavadippalam, Irakal and Mattoral, with comments on these films and George's film making in general by prominent personalities from the field of Cinema and Literature. Many of these people like Mammootty, Nedumudi Venu and Ramachandrababu had associated with George in his films, and they share some of their personal experiences too. In between each of these, we see George himself speaking about his films, his life, and so on. Selma George, KG George's wife (who is a playback singer, and had sung the beautiful song "sharadindu malar deepa naalam neetti.." from Ulkkadal) also shares her thoughts on George as a person and as a filmmaker.

I was touched by the frankness of George in his speeches. His wife comments on him that he is a very unemotional person in real life even though while watching films he empathizes with the characters and even cries during some of the sentimental scenes. George sits there with a smile listening to these comments, and then says that that is the way he is, and confirms that he is not at all a "dependable" person and has no sentimental attachment to anyone or anything. That being said, he still recollects the last time he had seen his lover of schooldays, some 50 years back, and he expresses his hope that her face would be in his mind on the moments of his death!

This documentary is a fitting tribute to the great director.
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