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After watching the documentary on KG George, I wanted to watch some of his films which I have never got a chance to watch before. I watched Ulkkadal (1979) yesterday and was very disappointed with it. There is nothing much to call as a story, the dialogues are nothing much to talk about, and even the craft of the cinema was very mediocre. The only few things I felt worth mentioning in the film were the beautiful songs, and the natural performance by actress Sobha who lights up the frames with her mere presence.

Venu Nagavalli portrays the role of the perpetually depressed hero named Rahul (which is a role he had done in many of his movies) complete with the customary sequence showing him sitting near a pond and throwing pebbles into it with a melancholic expression. But I could not empathize with his character at all (though I have no complaints on the actor or his performance). I felt that he was often behaving in an insensitive way to people around him, shooing away his "fans" with one-word responses, and so on. In one scene, Rahul goes to attend the funeral of his best friend Davis who had died in an accident, and tries to console Davis's sister Reena (Sobha) who is his lover as well. Reena cries saying that she has lost everything, and Rahul's response is that he is trying to get a job, and will mostly get it!! Was this dialogue intentionally added to hint at the self-centered nature of Rahul? Or was it just a flaw in script and characterization? I was not sure.
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