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Roy (Sharafudheen) and his wife Shirley (Parvathy) are settled in Mumbai. Just before the first National Lockdown in 2020, they visit Shirley's ancestral home in a remote village of Kerala, where her father Ittiyera (Biju Menon) lives. When Shirley's father comes to know about some financial problems Roy is facing, he suggests that he can cell his huge property in the village to get some funds. At his old age, he feels that it is better for him to move to a small apartment in the city. However, when they are about to sell the property, Ittiyera reveals some dark secrets from the past to Roy, which lands him in an emotional turmoil.

Malayalam film Arkkariyam narrates the events of a few days in the life of these three. Though there is some element of crime and mystery in the story thread, the film mainly focuses on the psychological aspects of the characters. Debutant director Sanu John Varghese shows great promise with the way he handles the theme and his narrative style, which progresses in a very realistic way, greatly supported by all the the three actors who are brilliant in their roles. The dialogues in the movie were especially very natural, with minimal dramatic elements. However, I felt that the way Roy and his friend in Mumbai (both being Malayalees) were mixing Hindi in their Malayalam conversations was a bit awkward and artificial.
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